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Cross Road CDL Academy will support individuals struggling to find a stable job due to criminal records or periods of incarceration. Cross Road specializes in the recruitment of people with a felony conviction and are working hard to overcome the stigma attached to this experience.  The school will engage with industry leaders and like-minded programs to support a student’s rehabilitation and help identify gainful employment opportunities.  Cross Road will seek out and maintain active relationships with trucking companies willing to hire successful Cross Road students with less-than-perfect criminal records or who are facing other barriers to employment.

Cross Road Academy will:

  • Offer courses at competitive and accessible tuition rates.

  • Strive to eliminate employment barriers for those without a high school diploma or G.E.D. 

  • Whenever possible, help students explore financial aid options.

  • Maintain high levels of accountability and credibility through quality assessments, proven success rates, and rigorous oversight.

CDL Class A 160 Hr.

Am 4 Weeks

Pm 8 Weeks

CDL Class A 600 Hr.

Pm 30 Weeks

CDL Class A -1 Refresher Course 40 Hr.

Am 1 Week

CDL Class A -2 Refresher Course 80 Hr.

Am 2 Weeks

CDL Class B 80 Hr.

Am 2 Weeks

Pm 4 Weeks

Hazardous Material Training 8 Hr. (In Class) OR 4hr (Online)

Diesel Mechanic Technician 2000 Hr.

45 Weeks

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