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  The mission of Cross Road CDL Academy is to provide detailed instruction to students seeking a
career in the Trucking field . It is our mission to provide education at an affordable rate , through
partnerships with local community stakeholders ,students are able to accomplish their goals and
obtain their Commercial Driving Licenses through our efficient and thorough program.


Cross Road CDL Academy will offer high-quality training and support services to individuals seeking to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).  Our students will learn valuable skills necessary to succeed in the trucking industry. As an organization, we will work together to expand access to Cross Road training and increase community access to employment opportunities. 

Cross Road CDL Academy will support individuals struggling to find a stable job due to criminal records or periods of incarceration. Cross Road specializes in the recruitment of people with a felony conviction and are working hard to overcome the stigma attached to this experience.  The school will engage with industry leaders and like-minded programs to support a student’s rehabilitation and help identify gainful employment opportunities.  Cross Road will seek out and maintain active relationships with trucking companies willing to hire successful Cross Road students with less-than-perfect criminal records or who are facing other barriers to employment.

Cross Road Academy will:

  • Offer courses at competitive and accessible tuition rates

  • Strive to eliminate employment barriers for those without a high school diploma or G.E.D. 

  • Whenever possible, help students explore financial aid options.

  • Maintain high levels of accountability and credibility through quality assessments, proven success rates, and rigorous oversight.

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